What the Fuck

I am in the office, hating the fact that I have to return home sooner or later to see that slut.

I just threw the photos on my desk of my supposedly family into the dustbin.  I wonder how others would feel if they were cheated on?  I think many say that their Significant Other would not.  But if they did?  Would their world be torn apart like mine is currently being torn apart?

The fact remains that I would have to face this sooner or later.  The fact is I will either have to chose to move on or chose to give her another chance.  But I think the former is definitely the thing to do.  Why would you give another person a chance to hurt you when they have already hurt you before by their actions?

I have gone through frustrations, gone through pain, gone through denial and even gone through hell if you wish to put it. 

This is a true life story.  I know there will be people who don’t understand how I feel and it really does not matter.  You don’t have to believe anything I write.  But when you have been cheated on, you will definitely remember the pain and the sorrow.  My pain and sorrow is that my wife cheated on me.  To add to it all, I now have to think about my daughter.  I am sure there will be people who say but she is not your daughter.  When you have spent so many nights thinking she is, it makes you believe that the girl is yours.  I am not scared of being divorced but what happens if I really blow this issue up?




33 thoughts on “What the Fuck

  1. I would walk away from this marriage and leave her NOTHING, even take the little girl away from her and making her pay for alimony.

    • Making them pay for alimony would not hurt them. Remember that the adulterer and adulteress are “high flyers” and high income earners. Money issues would not hurt them. In fact they would pay to keep the whole issue quiet.

  2. Bro Hand on tight …. I understand coz we r on same shoe .. Kids comes 1st … I’m worst believe me .. They shag in front of my own eyes while they were enjoying their time … Still I got to control

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  4. She has given you the ticket to freedom, to seek another life. Take it. I feel your pain, but its time to move on.

  5. Spend more time thinking what you can do with what you’ve got. About the affair, is done for, there’s nothing left back there to think about But the lil girl.

  6. I deeply understand what u feel ..the pain and the sorrow as i’ m suffering the same thing now! Your wife and my husband these type of ppl should get punishment!!! You are very capable at least u know what to do . I’m feeling very helpless now no mood working and do anything can’t sleep well. Please contact me if can, we will sit down to chat.

  7. Am a father myself, I’m sorry to hear what ya going through. My first divorce came really hard (all the thinking and emotion running we’re really bad). My current marriage is a bless, teach me something though. If you want something bad enough, don’t quit trying and if it don’t suit you, leave it.

    I ever though perhaps family was not my thing, but my now other half has proven me wrong so far hence I do really appreciate the current relationship and vow to keep this family together.

    Hope thing will past for you too, give yourself sometime and chill out more doing what ya like, don’t give it too much thought as long it’s legal and within your means.

    For the little gal, if you do so much care for her, yes she’s innocent what’s wrong to being a part of a child’s life whom see you as her father and nurture her.. But be emotionally prepared things will always be reminded, but again this will past.

    There’s no use for calling names now, just let it past as gentleman you could be, there’ll be scar and it’ll be part of life.

    Sorry to have say this much but can’t do much more, finally this can’t be your fault, just a choice made wrong from the star. Sometimes it last and sometimes it hurts. Best wishes mate, be brave

  8. Understand how you feel totally… i’ve only been married for less than 4 months and i found out that my husband’s been cheating on me since we got married… worse of all, he dont seem to be sorry for what he did… both our parents know about this and we are all trying to make this marriage work… only thing is my husband’s not doing anything or whatever… i dont know if i should walk out or i should still stay in this marriage…

  9. Believe nothing , really … Ask me as I know .. I’m one of u pal , men n women are never same when comes to these issue . Men usually back off with guilt but when a women does it , they will go all the way no matter what ..

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  11. I’m so sorry, I feel your hurt!! I hope you find happiness an strength to keep going. You sound like such a decent guy which I feel for you. Hope u can find forgiveness in your heart to move on from what she did.. Kind regards Kelly from aus

  12. It’s hard to make a decision that will affect multiple lives, people that you love and care about. My wife is extremely remorseful for what she did, but I am so 50/50 on leaving her. I was a good man to her! 18 fucking years down the toilet. I’m 37 and haven’t dated since high school. How the fuck do I talk to a 35 yr old woman?

    • Hey dude I’m in the same situation exactly the same situation. you right, how the fuck do u talk to an older woman. they need a seminar on that shit. Most of the women you talk to today gone to be scarred too. And they definitely not trying to talk to a man who is trying to get out of a marriage, they think you just another dog.

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  14. I can understand your anguish and how your world must have collapse. I found out end of last year my husband of 18 years had been cheating on me for 25 years!! I am still in trauma and recovery is difficult with all the constant lies

  15. Yes I to feel exactly what you feel. You feel like nothing else matters. It totally takes control of you’re life it consumes you. The hurt the betrayal the lies you loose a piece of you’re soul everyday. The voice inside of you is telling you I love here but there is another voice screaming at you to get the fuck away from her. I to I’m going thru that hell. I cut up family pictures the way I see it what you did to me doesn’t matter so why you want to keep memories of our marriage. I question everything she does know I even question this whole marriage I feel a lot of anger for what has happened. It started out as her given her co-worker to work things exculated from there. She started doing things out of her norm trust me I been with this women for 10 years you know when shits not normal. She started of buy showering me with to much affection not to long after that the sexy panties I found. She told me they didnt fit her so she didnt tell me about them. Long story short there is a lot of shit that you know in yer soul that she has done the deed behind yer back. I wasn’t eating sleeping insomnia the hell I went through. I keep asking her what the fuck is going on. She of coursed lied said nothing but I knew and it just wasn’t paranoia I could literally feel it. Finally she admitted to me that she liked him and she had fantasies about doing stuff with him but that was it. BULLSHIT!!! Know we are tying to reconcile our marriage but there is that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that the whole story has not yet come to light. I even told her I want a divorce and I’m not happy with her she still persist that she only loves me and blah blah blah. My thought on that if you truly love someone you don’t hurt them and rip out there fucking soul and that to me is what she has done. I’m on a roller coaster of emotions everyday and I don’t trust her no longer. I know I should do the right thing and end our marriage it would be best for me my kids and maybe even her I really don’t know why I hang around when I feel empty and resentful toward her everyday and angry. I feel like I’m on guard twenty four seven playing private detective because of the trust. I know there is other men who feel just like you I am one of them. Keep yer head up and remember this no matter the state of yer marriage she should have came and told you how she was feeling yer not a mind reader. She is at fault for cheating on you it wasn’t yer fault ive already excepted that in this shit I’m going thru. I love the excuse they give to you I was lonely I felt lost etc. its just away for them to except what they did and not feel guilty about it. Good Luck bud fight the good fight.

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