I just arrived back in Singapore this morning.  She came and picked me up.  While we were in the car, she told me that she knew that I was tracking her.  Apparently, a few people reading my blog called the person and the bastard told the bitch!

Anyway, we drove to the nearby park to talk.  She told me she knew she was totally wrong and that she should not have lied to me.  She begged for my forgiveness and told me the truth about what I already knew.  She begged me not to spill the beans on the guy as he was already married and in the civil service and could lead to a lot of trouble for him, while at the same time begging me not to tell on her.  She cried her heart out.

I was really torn.  During this trip overseas, I had the opportunity to chill out and think things through and really, I feel that the other guy is a bastard.  I already know who he is.  And seriously, if I blow this matter up, it would really hurt him a lot just as much as she would also get it.  I really felt like tearing them apart with my own two hands.  She told me she would not ask for anything because she knew she was in the wrong and she knows that I have the proof to back it up that she has been hoodwinking me all this time.  She would not ask for a single penny; not that that matters.

We ended up arguing.  Seriously, how can a woman who has pledged to love you and take care of you ever do something like that to another.  Being cuckloid is one thing but to be lied to time and again.  Anyway, went home.  I saw my daughter and just hugged her for the longest time.  If anyone out there is a dad, you will understand that a child is innocent.  I really would like to publize this whole event but the only thing stopping me is seeing my daughter.  I would give anything to make her happy.  I know some people think it is a dumb thing to do.  But the child is really innocent and if there was no children involved, I am sure you would be reading this in the New Paper shortly about the next sex scandal in Singapore.

I was schoolmates with Michael Palmer and knew who he was.  The prefect, the goody two shoes etc.  When the sex scandal of his came out, I did not give it too much thoughts.  But right now, I think I understand how his child must have felt when his dad got into the limelight.  I guess I don’t want this child to go through the same emotional scars.

I packed up my bags and now am living in a hotel with just my suitcases for tonight.  I guess I will be seeking legal representation shortly to get things sorted out.

I am so emotionally drained.  This past few weeks have been hell and I really do not wish this on anyone.  I have done my duty as a husband and father.  Now I just hope that God will give me the strength to carry on.


84 thoughts on “Confrontation

  1. Fuck him, i’m sure he was thinking of his civil service career and family when he was railing you (ex) wife. Burn that motherfucker.

  2. Was in same shit as you. Wife spending long hours at strange locations. Had giant blow up, but have decided to stay together for the sake of our children. Wife came from broken home with a SLUT mother….this was always coming. I cannot let my children bear the consequences and pass this craft down for generations….it stops here. I don’t put my happiness above theirs. I had a chance to not select her, and I blew it. I accept my destiny.

  3. I cannot help by feel for you…. you are actually much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are a man, a true man. The fact that you gave some time and love to a woman who eventually took it for granted does not change YOU in anyway. It was an experience (albeit a painful one, if you let it be), but never allow bad experiences to change who you are.

    LIVE YOUR LIFE! You deserve to.

    Let this lesson serve you, not destroy you. Let it bring you to greater heights and more fulfilling relationships. Above all, never fall into the abyss of taring them all with the same brush. There ARE many women out there who are unlike that particular woman you spent years with.
    (Even in the USA you can find many beautiful women who are virgins and who end up having one-man relationships and beautiful families. Unbelievable but true. I know such people myself).

    Look back and learn. When were the times you neglected her? When were the times you took her for granted? When were the times you did not take her ‘signals’? When were the times you let her lord it over you (and subsequently lost the leadership as a man)?

    As much as the women claim they want equality, leadership and outward success, etc, etc, etc, deep down in their psyche, they have a need to be controlled and conquered. I know this can be counter-logic. But this is true. If women truly wanted equals… what is the point of being a man? They might as well be with a woman because a woman understands a woman better.

    That leaves us men with only one role: TO BE A MAN.

    Not to be pussified in order to pacify. But to just be. I found that the more a man gives in to a girl…. the more the girl secretly disrespects him, even despises him.
    Stand your ground. Be a man. That’s just the way it is.

    It is not easy… almost like a mix between art and science. But anyone can do it. Men all over the world have done it.

    That said…. I really respect you and feel your love for your daughter. Never mind that she isn’t your biological daughter. There is a good chance that she may love you more than her biological father (and even hate him for what he did – the human psyche is stranger than fiction).

    I also admire your strength and clarity, even in such moments, to see clearly and understand that children are innocent. Hats off to you.

    (Someone else with a lower caliber might just ostracize her or even physically harm her and her mother, which of course, you have clearly shown that you have a heart of love and are above such insanity).

    I respect your ability to anchor yourself in spite of all these that are going on.

    Best wishes.

    Be strong.

    The best is yet to come.

  4. I seriously believe that you should kick his ass. Why are you sacrificing yourself for their mistake. She would not have told you if you hadn’t caught them. If you try he can lose his job. Atleast you should take revenge. But if you dont want to do anything then its ok. Forget everything. And give your heart Peace.

  5. Another womaniser I know is Singapore well reknowned Interior Designer Casey Boo Koh. He has been out of Singapore during his trips and preying on hapless women. He is a lecturer as well in NAFa. BEWARE OF THIS MAN. SHAME ON THIS PARTICULAR SINGAPOREAN.

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  7. So sorry to read this. There are so many cheats out there..what is the world coming to. I set up my own blog to help people catch cheating spouses because a lot of my friends and family … me included have had issues.

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